What Others Say About ShiftShape Coaching

I spent many years putting my heart and soul into another person's business. I eventually came to the realization that there was no place left for me in this organization. I knew I needed assistance. Fortunately, Regina Freedman was recommended to me. Regina is a terrifically bright and articulate woman. She has a terrific sense of humor along with a deep feeling for the work she is committed to. She is able to share her thoughts and communicate on a level that I find easy to understand and is not intimidating.

Although I was fearful of the many changes that I would have to undertake, Regina worked with me every step of the way, providing direction and encouragement. I know without her expertise in the field of business and career changes, I would have continued to go back and forth between ideas for years. Thank you, Regina Freedman for helping me move from thought to reality on my journey of opening my own entertainment agency.

Roberta Lennon, Talent Agent, Pennsylvania/New York

I hired Regina Freedman when I decided to write my first novel. I'd had published articles and short stories easily enough but wanted to hire a coach to help me with a full-length novel, the long haul, and to keep me to task. Above and beyond her duty, Regina frequently checked in with me on the project, assuring me that I would finish what I was writing. I needed to be accountable to someone and she made me believe in myself, providing the tools to help me accomplish this enormous task. She made me think it was possible. By connecting with Regina, she gave me the courage to forge on and write my novel. Her great interest in my work validated my endeavor and encouraged me to succeed. I am happy to report I have found a Literary Agent who has agreed to read my work. I have Regina to thank for believing in me.

Peter Halsey Sherwood, Author, Manhattan

My first year out of college was the most confusing year of my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do now that I was pushed out into the “real” world. I needed a job so I began waitressing until I figured out my next step. I honestly believe if I didn't have Regina talking me through the process, I'd still be working in that restaurant. Regina really helped me sort out my priorities. She helped me understand that it's okay not to have a 9 to 5 office job. There were so many career choices that I never considered before. Through Regina's guidance I realized that my number one priority was working for myself. We narrowed down the possibilities and I decided to become a real estate agent. Three years later I am very successful at selling real estate in Philadelphia. This career provides me with the flexibility and plenty of opportunity to make a great living.

Regina was able to sort through my confusion and provide me with the information I needed to make the proper decision. She is very intuitive, but equally as knowledgeable. The perfect combination for a career coach.

Jaclyn Ochuida, Real Estate Agent, Philadelphia

When I moved from Austria via London to New York I pretty much thought I had my life figured out. I was a musician who had recorded my own album and music is what seemed the beginning and end of everything. I was signed to a model agency for a while, I dj'd, painted and dabbled in promotions. Consider me the official poster child for “Jack-Of-All-Trades”.

The time came to broaden my music audience and I moved to NYC. I had a clear picture what I was going to do and that was music. Then one day that picture started to blur and I realized that despite my passion, I wasn't entirely happy and fulfilled anymore. During this confusing time when I started to question my past and future, my friend introduced me to Regina Freedman. We connected. She quickly helped me realize that I hadn't exhausted my full potential and with her incredible positive spirit she gave me a much needed push into a new direction. She helped me re-discover my talent and joy for writing and encouraged me to pursue it. I am now finishing my first play with great prospect for production and I am pursuing a “Healing With Arts” BA degree. Regina helped me realize my own strength and capability. She gave me that extra spark of confidence I needed.She is encouraging and professional without being overbearing.She is a woman extraordinaire and I consider her an “old soul” who has been put here to help people like me to come full circle. She helped me WANT to change my life and see it as a positive step towards the future. I really have to thank her because she did make a difference, an incredibly good one.

Skiimo Pfeffer, Writer, Artist, Manhattan

Having Regina Freedman as a guest speaker at a monthly Resource Directors Association meeting was one of our best! Within the session she was able to hone in on the core needs and values of our group's profession and offered many valuable suggestions from job specific tasks to simple, but significant, shifts in perspective to help navigate career goals. As we talked through concepts and assessments we gained a clearer vision of our own individual goals and beyond to those of our community. We realized how individual progress strengthens the professional image and value of our niche role, which is still pioneering and defining its place in the architectural and design industry. Regina's single group session that evening charged us all and several RDA members sought individual coaching. Regina is a bright guiding star!

Eileen Ragsdale, Resource Librarian, Manhattan