Group Workshops

The 3 UNS - UNemployed, UNderemployed, or UNhappily employed

6 Sessions: $179.00

Tired of searching the internet for employment? Don't spend 80% of your time online to get 20% results. Networking is still the number one way to land a job or change a career. This dynamic workshop will explore each member's occupational issue or entrepreneurial ambition.  Members will get a clear picture of who they are and what they truly want through cutting edge assessment tools.  They will also help each other attain their goals and find realistic solutions. Led by a certified coach, the first hour is educational and the second is group facilitation.  Swap services, offer resources, find a buddy, anything can happen. 

Retirement for Baby Boomers

6 Sessions: $120.00

Not ready to retire and need more income?  Retired and bored? Not enough money for all the bills? The group will come up with ideas to help each other find new creative ways of producing income. The members will learn how to help each other through the guidance of a certified coach.  Members will find inspiration combined with practical knowledge. It is best to be with others to eliminate isolation and find hope. Find resources, partner with a buddy & feel confident again in this chapter of your life.

Golden Key It!

6 Sessions: $120.00

Return to faith in God. This six week online workshop will be offered once a week for six weeks. It is based on Judeo-Christian principles. Members will learn how to use scientific prayer, apply treatments, and demonstrate the answer to their prayers by opening the gate through the use of the Golden Key. 

Beauty Inside Out

6 Sessions: $299.00

This dynamic workshop will explore each member's inherit beauty. Authenticity in personality, interests, skills, and values is the primary focus. Through this assessment, women will be able to choose a path that expresses their true selves and reveal their inner beauty. Each member who completes the course will develop their own inner beauty treatment.  This group will meet once a week for six weeks in a designated location. It will also be offered online through telesessions.