The ShiftShape Coaching Story

Regina Freedman always had a natural interest in what people do.  Her first image of a young woman riding a city bus with her newspaper in hand and dressed in business attire ignited her curiosity. What was this woman doing? Where was she going? How did she make the decision to follow this path? Regina embarked on her own career in the entertainment industry, then moved into the publishing field as an event director. During this time, she continually observed the nature of work and what led individuals to choose certain occupations. She decided to follow her life-long passion and began her studies in the subject of career development at Fordham University in the Counseling Psychology Masters Program. Regina founded ShiftShape Coaching, in February, 2002 to answer the need of individuals who wanted to make the shift to shape rewarding careers. In 2008, the focus of her practice added a spiritual aspect for the multiple challenges her clients were experiencing. Regina is primarily focused on group facilitation since it is cost effective and accelerates the process of change. She also engages in private sessions with individuals who are motivated to change their life situations.

Regina interned at the Calandra Institute, Manhattan, where she guided students to determine their first career decisions. From there, she moved into working with adults who were either changing careers, opening their own businesses, or dealing with life changes. She earned her coaching certificate from the accredited International Coaching Academy and is an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation.

She developed a workshop for Women In Cable TV: “Sustainable Leadership"and authored re:WORK - “A Sustainable Opportunity For You.” This was part of a national workshop series sponsored by Mohawk Group, a leading company in the Design Industry. The series was developed for unemployed interior designers. She also conducted workshops "What Does Career Mean To You?" and "Career Intervention" for the Resource Directors Association, an architectural librarian organization.

Presently, Regina has added wellness coaching to her practice as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils.